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Say who you are

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Last week, I was talking to someone about a subject the Lord has been teaching me. Her son was very angry and bitter. Instead of beating him up with more negativity or telling him stuff like “you should know better” or “you keep acting that way, you’re going to hell”. She told him who he is in Jesus Christ. She told him what God says about him. She DID NOT condemn him. So many times we address people with how they are acting. There is a time and place to address a person in that manner without condemning. But why don’t we try looking past what they are doing and tell them who they really are according to God word. The sad fact is so many of us Christians don’t know who we are in Jesus. I’m not talking about a title or position. Those are just things we do. They aren’t who we are. Before you “shake your head” at a person, or say they are going to hell, or say they are the “of the devil”. Tell them the truth about who they really are. So many don’t know who they are. So many can’t see themselves as God sees them. It’s not they don’t want to. But maybe they just need to be encouraged. The devil will cause issues to cause us to get bitter, have ungodly anger, fearful, etc. But it’s our responsibility to build one another up and not tear down. You want a person to turn from sin. Which is repentance. Then do as God does. Show goodness. Remember, the BIBLE reminds us it’s the goodness/kindness of God that leads us to repentance (Romans 2:4). And when the temptation come to them to be bitter, or any sin, they can speak the truth in who they are and that devil will flee. We shouldn’t speak what we do or a title because the devil will only laugh and WILL NOT flee. Since I’ve found out the truth of who I am, when temptation come (from the tempter/satan) I say who I am in Jesus Christ and that temptation leaves. NOTE: Key word – Temptation comes from SATAN. I even said “God, that’s not how you made me”. God did not create us to be thieves, adulterous, liars, haters of men, jealous, etc, etc. And since I’m BORN AGAIN, I am a new creature in JESUS CHRIST. I am not a slave to sin. Too many times we state “I’m only human”. That’s not altogether true. I have a spirit also and it’s been changed to the same Spirit from Jesus. I am a slave to righteousness. Jesus righteousness. Not the righteousness from this world. Money is not my god. Man is not my god. A career is not my god. Fashion is not my god. Food is not my god. My looks aren’t my god. Those things did not creat me nor die for me. There is ONE GOD. He sent Himself to earth as Jesus Christ. When Jesus went back to Heaven, He didn’t just leave us hanging. He left us His Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus is, so are we (1 John 4:17). By the way, when this young man heard the truth about who he really is, it brought tears. That’s a sign of change.


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